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My passion for fitness started in 2011 because I was once out of shape and that was the year I decided to make a change. Growing up I didn't play any sports and gym was my least favorite class. It wasn't until I got older and realized I should make my health a priority. Starting out I was 215 pounds & I got down to 150 and I thought I should help anyone else who maybe struggling with their weight. I became a personal trainer in 2015 and since then this has been a awesome career. If you choose me as your trainer you're getting someone who genuinely cares about their job & helping you achieve your goals.

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Weight loss

When it comes to losing weight I would suggest not focusing so much on a number you're trying to get to but more so how you're clothes are fitting. I know some people put an emphasis on a certain number of lbs they want to lose & when they don't reach that weight they might get discouraged. Instead focus more on how your clothes are starting to fit. If they're starting to fit more loose you're obviously doing something right. You have to love the process more than the end result. Just keep working.

Llifting Weights

Reaching a plateau

If you have been working out for awhile and noticed that you're not getting any new results it maybe time to switch up your workout. Switching up a workout maybe scary at first but if you don't change you remain the same. It's a really good idea because it gives you a chance to push yourself in a new way. If you're someone who always works out by themselves  a class might be a good idea or if classes aren't your thing try incorporating things like boxing or basketball in your workouts. It's also plenty of exercises you can continue to try with weights just try searching & you'll find something new. So if you have reached a plateau or are just bored of the same workouts just try the things I suggested.


Will fast food ruin my progress?

I get this question a lot especially from people who are just starting to workout. The answer is pretty simple. Everything has to be done in moderation. Some people have the idea that once you start working out you can't have things like pizza, burgers, chicken, tacos etc. Honestly we're all human so you can still have those things just in moderation. So I would suggest having a cheat meal no more than twice a week. This was one of the things I had to learn myself when I first started working out. I thought one burger would destroy all my hard work so in the beginning I stopped eating fast food because of that. I just had to understand how my body would react to certain foods once I started being more healthy. As it turns out fast food didn't really have an effect on me as long as I ate it in moderation. Like I suggested earlier no more than twice a week but everyone is different so some might only be able to have once a week or once every other week. Just do what works best for you. 

Nurse Taking Notes

The dangers someone may face if they don't workout or eat properly.

The dangers someone faces if they don't work out or diet properly

Importance of working out and eating properly

Work out and diet is essential for defining a person’s overall fitness, and making them both part of your routine can create a vivid change in your appearance and feel. Regular work out and utilization of a healthy diet can lead to numerous benefits, containing increased vitality, joy, fitness and indeed a long life. Have an expression on this:

  • Eating properly and working out frequently can assist you to lose weight without any harm. Physical action and a healthy diet can assist you to keep up your current weight and diminish your threat of picking up weight as you grow. Healthy nourishments are lower in calories and higher in supplements, and consistent physical activity burns off additional calories to keep a healthy body.

  • A combination of working out and eating healthy nourishments can boost your vitality level and assist you to feel more caution and mindful, both rationally and physically. Healthy foods grant your body the nutrients and vitamins it has to work at its best.

  • Work out fortifies brain chemicals that help deliver sentiments of joy, satisfaction, and unwinding, so you’ll feel superior if you work out on a normal premise. Physical action can too boost your physical appearance as you burn fat and construct muscle, which may be a critical figure in boosting self-confidence and motivating a satisfying life.

There are a lot of benefits of working out and eating appropriately: A solid count calories ought to comprise of natural products, vegetables, entire grains, low-fat dairy items, and lean meats. A healthy diet can diminish your chance of heart infection, osteoporosis, type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and a few cancers, in conjunction with standard work out. On the other hand, if you don’t work out and eat legitimately on a regular basis you increase your wellbeing dangers in numerous ways.

  • Coronary Heart Disease

  • Strokes

  • High blood pressure

  • Breathlessness

  • Flabby body

  • Little energy

  • Stiff joints

  • Osteoporosis

  • Poor posture

The lack of activity, not eating healthy and not working out properly can affect your health in an extremely negative way.

  • You are more likely to gain weight when you burn fewer calories.

  • When you are not using your muscles as much, you may lose muscle strength and stamina

  • Your bones may get weaker and lose some mineral content

  • Your metabolism may be exaggerated, and your body may have more trouble breaking down fats and sugars

  • Your immune system may not work as well

  • You may have inferior blood circulation

  • Your body may have more frustration

  • You may grow a hormonal disparity

If you have got been inactive, you'll get to begin gradually. You'll keep including more work out slowly. The more you'll be able to do the better. But try not to feel overpowered, and do what you’ll. Getting some work out is always better than getting none. Eventually, your objective can be to induce the recommended amount of work out for your age and wellbeing. There are numerous diverse ways to induce work out; it is vital to discover the sorts that are best for you. You'll too attempt to include movement to your life in slighter ways, such as at home and at work.

Intense Training

Top 5 reasons why you need a personal trainer.


When you are doing a lot of hard work and still are not seeing results in your body it means you need a personal trainer. A personal trainer will make you train according your requirements and expectations. You can easily get an individual customized program according to your body requirements to shape your body.

These are the top reasons you need a personal trainer

If you don’t know which machine or exercise to do first

As its educational and if you want to know the sequence of exercises and know the form of exercises. The trainer will guide you according to the different type of exercises and which one is required for you to shape your body.

If you’re working so hard yet not seeing results

Look at your current program and hire a trainer so that you can get a customized plan according to your body and you may know what was the wrong thing you were following and can change those exercises for you. This will also be knowledgeable for you. Push youself a little harder. Usually people don't see results because they have little knowledge and is not for your body. It's easy to slack off when you're by yourself, but having someone there to challenge you may make a difference in the scale. Examine your goals. Your trainer can also help you figure out if your goals are realistic. He or she might work with you to set weekly goals and check in on a regular basis to see how you're doing. People mostly focus on Cardio or weight loss, but you also need strength training and core training as well. These are things a trainer can teach you how to do the right way.

You want to know how to exercise on your own 

Even if you want to exercise at home still you need complete knowledge about sets of different exercises, which exercises to follow and the sequence is obviously the key. 

You have specific illness or Injury

If you’re suffering from osteoporosis, arthritis or any other problem as Sciatica, backache you definitely need a personal trainer to tell you what can be beneficial and which exercise will be dangerous for your body. There are different exercises according to different diseases as heart disease, diabetes etc. 

You need accountability and motivation

You will be investing your time, energy, money in it so you need to see prominent change.  You must be sure about it you’re investing it in the right place. Motivation comes from all kinds of places, both internally and externally. You may have some intrinsic reason to exercise, such as wanting to be healthier or to get off your high blood pressure medication.

You’re training for a sport or event 

If you’re training for any sport or event you need training accordingly. The trainer will tell you the right amount of workout to prevent any sort of injury.  

You want to work out at home

Even if you want to work at home you need to know the sets, knowledge about weight lifting and when to do cardio and when to do weight lifting. 

Low Calorie Salad

Healthy cooking on little time.

Everyone who has ever juggled home, family and kids knows how difficult it is to create healthy meals when pressed for time.  Cooking healthy, delicious meals can be difficult, but some advance planning can allow you to make the most of your cooking time.

One way to cook healthy meals that are easy to prepare is to plan your meals around several key foods that can be prepared in large quantities and used in several different recipes on consecutive nights.  This method of making meals last is totally different from the usual strategy of making a huge batch of food and living on leftovers for the rest of the week. Your family will certainly appreciate the difference.

There are some key elements to cooking this way.  The first step is to promptly separate and refrigerate the portion that will be used for the next days meal before you place tonight’s meal on the table.  Refrigerating the unused portion of the prepared meal is important to preventing food borne illnesses, especially when serving meat, poultry, seafood or any meal containing eggs or dairy products.

The foods that have been prepared ahead of time should be stored in shallow containers to allow it to cool more quickly in the refrigerator.  Thicker foods like stews, puddings and meat slices should be stored in bowls no deeper than two inches. The food should be stirred occasionally as it cools.

The left over refrigerated foods should be used within one to two days.  If the food is to be stored longer than that, it should be frozen for later use and thawed overnight in the refrigerator.  Thawing food at room temperature should be avoided, since it can be a gateway to food borne illnesses and other pathogens.

One of the easiest examples of the leftover strategy is chicken breasts or turkey cutlets.  Poultry works great for this strategy, since it is easy to cook large quantities.

Start by cooking extra chicken breasts or turkey cutlets.  Half of the chicken or turkey should be refrigerated overnight for use the next day.  The remaining half can be topped with your favorite spices, sauces and seasonings and served right away.

The brilliance of this strategy will become apparent the next evening, when the other half of the turkey or chicken can be used in an entirely different way.  One great way to use the other half is to cut it into strips, add lettuce and salad dressing and create a delicious Caesar salad. Thus one staple food becomes two delicious and totally different meals. No matter how short of time you are, it is still possible to create nutritious meals in no time.  

Cross Fit Class

The dangers of Overtraining

When training it is very important to keep in mind that rest days are as important as training days. Many people train diligently day by day always giving their all but without considering that recovery days are just as important. But why?REST AND MUSCLE RECOVERY .Muscle recovery is defined as a full day's rest from physical activity, allowing muscles to recharge their glycogen stores and therefore energy, and rebuild fibers that have been traumatized during training sessions. Microscopic damage to muscle cells occurs during training, certain hormones and enzymes are produced causing inflammation. All this may sound harmful, but it's not! In fact, these mechanisms promote fat loss, increased metabolism, increased strength, and muscle growth, but only if you recover properly. The muscle fiber rebuilding phase is critical for hypertrophy and occurs primarily during recovery days. There are different types of recovery: immediate recovery, short term recovery, and medium to long term recovery. Immediate recovery occurs during training, it is the time that passes between hits of a set in the gym; short-term recovery is the time of rest between sets of exercises and finally, medium to long-term recovery is the period of time between one workout and the next and is the most important one.OVERTRAINING,Overtraining is a phenomenon capable of affecting more than 65% of athletes during their competitive careers and it’s defined as a training imbalance that occurs when the physical activity practiced is too intense, so much so that the body is unable to eliminate the accumulated training fatigue during recovery time. This adaptive imbalance causes a continuous state of psychophysical stress, culminating in staleness syndrome (refusal to train), damaging athletic performance and making the body more vulnerable to infection. It is possible to believe that an athlete who is unable to recover fully within 72 hours of maximal physical effort is suffering from overtraining syndrome.Although these situations are primarily found in competitive bodybuilders, it is not uncommon to observe them among hard-training amateur gym athletes and fitness enthusiasts as well.What are the symptoms of overtraining?• Repeatedly poor performance that cannot be explained;• Feeling of fatigue, muscle aches, depression;• Increased vulnerability to infections and gastrointestinal disorders;• Sleep disturbances and weight loss;• Overload injuries;• Increased resting heart rate and blood pressure;• Changes in hematocrit and hemoglobin levels;• Decreased testosterone levels and changes in the testosterone/cortisol ratio.Another very important factor to consider is the psychological one: too intense training can lead the athlete to feelings of inadequacy, discouragement up to depression, and chronic fatigue syndrome.Finally, at the base of almost all phenomena of overtraining there is an incorrect dosage of the ratio between training intensity and recovery.

Young Muscular Man

Clean vs dirty bulking

Clean vs. Dirty Bulking

If you want to gain muscle mass, you probably plan to eat plenty of proteins. Perhaps you want to consume caloric surplus. The way to do that is to eat either through clean bulking or dirty bulking. One is difficult and healthier, while the other revolves around eating more and gaining more weight. 

Clean bulk vs. dirty bulk

Clean bulking involves eating healthy food and minimizing fat gain. It involves tracking macronutrients and adjusting calorie intake to prevent fat gain. Clean bulking is about staying lean and eating healthy. On the other hand, dirty bulking involves eating whatever junk to gain weight. It is usually done by people who are skinny and want to gain weight. 

Pros and cons

The following are some pros and cons of clean vs. dirty bulking.

Muscle Growth

Clean and dirty bulking help the muscles to grow. However, dirty bulking is far more difficult than clean bulking. People sometimes become impatient with clean bulking and resort to dirty bulking. If you’re not growing muscle on clean bulking, you need more protein or calories. 

Remember, clean and dirty bulking are both equally effective to build muscle. People who're eating fewer calories and enough protein grow—regardless of whether they eat clean or not. 

Fat Gain

Clean bulking helps to avoid fat gain, so it is the best choice if you want to become slim. However, if you want to build fat, you should go for dirty bulk—but remember to stop dirty bulk when your body is out of shape. 

Last thoughts

The bottom line is that you should use a caloric surplus diet to gain fat but not to gain muscle. Now that you know the fundamental differences between clean vs. dirty bulk, you should know which one you should opt for. 

Couple Running

Motivating your significant other to work out

While we want our significant other to work out with us, that’s not always possible. Your other half might not be as motivated as you are. But here’s the thing: Couples who exercise together stay together. So how can you get them to get out of bed and join you in the gym? Here are some ways:

Offer them a compliment

When your significant other exercises, make sure you pay them a compliment. You could say something like, "oh, you look sexy!" or "your biceps look so much bigger." That should get them started. 

Share your success

If you’ve hit your goal, you should share it with your significant other. This should inspire them to start their fitness journey. 

Be consistent

If you’ve been asking your partner to join you, don’t stop---even if they’ve said no multiple times. If you keep at it, they might just say yes. 

Start small

If your partner has agreed to join you, begin with something small—like running on the treadmill for 10 minutes. Once he/she is in the game, you can kick it up a notch. 

Last Thoughts

Be gentle, kind, forgiving, and patient, and you'll see the results in no time


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